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Monday, 31 March 2008

Penang Tanjung Tokong - Faces Western food Cafe

Faces Western Food Cafe was a "hot" place in Penang Island especial for the teenager of 80's. Dear and me are one of their regular customer here. It is also the first western food cafe we visited at Tanjung Tokong area before we expand our cycle to others popular western food cafe at this area. You can enjoy the live band almost every night here and this also the main reason why we visit here so frequently. For the food wise it is kind or normal but you can enjoy all kind of creative name on their beverage. Although it is not the luxury places to go we really love the ambient and environment here.
This is chicken Cutlet Cost RM 7.50

Sandwich set Cost RM 5.90 

Lamb Chop Cost RM 15.00

Dear and me ^^ lolx.... 

Operation House : 18:00 - 02:00 (Closed on Monday)
Location              : Opposite Subaidah Nasi Kandar Tanjung Tokong.

Penang Batu Ferringhi - Sunset Bistro

Once a while dear and me will act like tourist and give our lovely Penang Island a local tour. Today our focus area is at Batu Ferringhi. After a hot day tour dear and me plan to had our drink at Sunset Bistro. This Bistro is located at Batu Ferringhi beach side where you need to take a right turn after the Parkroyal Hotel. This is a great places to have a drinks and relax while you can enjoy the evening view..... a coconut drink on this hot day is the most perfect thing you ca have :) 

Coconut Drink Cost RM 5.00 

With the nice decoration of the drink 

As well with the nice beach in front of us ^^

We feel that this is the nice places for couple like us to date ^^

Dear and me ^^

Operation Hours : 10:00 - 17:00 (Open daily)
Location             : After Parkroyal Hotel take right turn go to the end. 

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Penang Sungai Petani - Tai Kar Seafood Restaurant "大家海鲜饭店"

Tai Kar Seafood Restaurant is local favourite place for family gathering. It is located at South park, Sungai Petani. Today Dear and me is having our one day tour at Sungai Petani. We found out this seafood resident by coincidently. The crowded condition had drawn our attention therefore Dear and me decided to give a try on the food. After back to our home we make a quick search and found out this restaurant had some reputation among the local.

古鲁肉 Cost RM 6.00

Sizzling tau Fu Cost RM 10.00 + Kong Pao Prawn Cost RM 10.00

Overall Dear and  me feel that the taste here was kind of normal.... But the price very reasonable. No regret for trying up this stall.

Operation Hours : After 6pm (For Dinner only Open Daily)
Location             : 402, -404 Jalan Zamrud 10,  Taman Pekan Baru,Sungai Petani (N05 38'28.34' E100 28'6.49')
Contact               : +6012 562 1890

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Penang Bukit Tambun - Bagan Prawn Village Seafood "虾村海鲜楼"

Bagan Prawn Village Seafood "虾村海鲜楼" located at the second end of the Bukit Tambun Seafood Street ^^. Well Today we came here for Seafood Hunt ^^ Today we choose different Seafood Restaurant. Therefore we walk in Bagan Prawn Village Seafood "虾村海鲜楼" and give a try ^^.

Dear and me ^^

Claypot Taifu Cost RM 10.00 + Cai Miao Cost RM 6.00 (Taste Normal) + Bamboo Prawn Cost RM 12.00 (good to try ^^) + Egg York Crab Cost RM 32.00 (This taste normal Per KG RM 45,00)

Additional Squid Fries Cost RM 10.00

Overall Bagan Prawn Village Seafood "虾村海鲜楼" was not really good choice to try.... the food quality is kinda normal. As their Services was bad.... even i wanted make the payment got to wait 20 minute for the change. 

Operation Hours (Open Daily)
Lunch 12:00 -15:00
Dinner 17:30 - 23:00

Location : 672, Bagan Bukit Tambun 14100, Simpang Ampat
Contact  : 604 588 0541

Friday, 14 March 2008

Penang Balik Pulau - Bukit Genting Leisure Park & Thai Restaurant

One of the best places for you to enjoy Thai cuisine with Sunset View on Penang Island is at Bukit Genting Leisure Park & Thai restaurant. This places is kind of hidden at Balik Pulau Old road from Teluk Kumbar area. Before reaching this restaurant you will need to passing through the private farm and all the way up to the hill. The journey will took you 10 to 15 minute depending how was the driving skill. Food is great but today dear and me not going to talk about their food :) We would like to introduce you the Sunset view here. The feeling can be kind of awesome to slowly enjoy the sunset.... while you still can enjoy nice food :) Dear and me highly recommend the public to give a visit to this restaurant if you had no been yet. We guess a lots of local might miss this interest places too.

Well you can have view of another side of Penang.  

Waiting for Sunset. 

Waiting for Sunset ^^

You can saw the paddy Field ^^

Very soon ^^

Too Bad no sun set today ~.~

Operation Hours : 10:30 - 22:00 (Open Daily)
Location : Balik Pulau Old Road, Bukit Genting from Teluk Kumbar

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Penang Balik Pulau - Balik Pulau View Point

After few day dear and me back to Balik Pulau View Point again. Today we came over here on evening time to enjoy the view because it is one of the best places to see sunset at Penang Island (We guess only the local know this). Dear and I love this places as we can grab the nature fresh air and most of the time this places is windy. I think this is one of the place we will be if one day dear and me had left Penang Island. 

Balik Pulau View Point

Waiting the Sunset ^^

Best visit time : Sunny day evening moment
Location        : Along on the Jalan Tun Sardon

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Penang Bayan Lepas - Bayan Baru Kajang Satay Stall

Kajang Satay is one of the famous Malay culture dish in Selangor Malaysia. Now you could enjoy this famous satay in Penang. We discover this Kajang Satay stall located in Bayan Baru housing by coincidentally. This satay stall can be very crowded on dinner time. Most of their customer is the local Malays folks. Although this Kajang Satay Stall operating their business at housing area it is easily being spotted  from the main road before turning in Jalan Mahsuri (toward PISA Stadium from Bayan Lepas).   

Dear is enjoying the chicken Kajang Satay.

Our 10 stick chicken satay Cost RM 9.70 (Included drink RM 1.20)

Overall this Kajang Satay taste even better compare then the Kajang Satay HJ Samuri. It is a bits costly per stick satay cost RM 0.85 , a lot of my friend said this is so expensive ^^ But dear and I feel this is so worthy ^^ Cause it is really nice to try!!!

Operation Hours : 18:00 - 23:00 (Open daily)
Location             : Lintang Nibong, Bayan Baru

Monday, 3 March 2008

Penang Georgetown - Penang State Museum

Understanding the historical & culture of the places we go is one of the goal for dear and me. Today dear and me plan to revisit the Penang Museum where we had been here since we are kids. Have been a decade Penang Museum is located beside Hutching secondary school. Entrance fee is RM 1.00 per adult and children below 12 year old is RM 0.50. Is a small yet compact museum as interior you will found 2 level display hall.  
Penang Museum ^^

Dear so in love with their car here ^^

She complaint on the post box is too high ^^

Dear and me ^^
Operation Hours : 09:00 - 17:00 (Open daily)
Location             : Beside Hutching Secondary School.