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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Penang Georgetown - Harvest Inn Cafe

Harvest Inn Cafe was located behind Burma road. Which this location is full of restaurants. Harvest Inn Cafe have very good ambient as well their food quality kinda nice. Dear and i like the ambient in the cafe a lots.   

Harvest Inn Cafe

Mushroom Soup Cost RM 6.90

Chicken Cordon Blue Cost RM 14.90

Lamb Chop Cost RM 23.90

This is included in the set dinner.

My dear with her lovely smile ^^

Overall their food is kinda good quality and nice. Personally feel their price is a bit expensive but anyway worth back by the ambient.

Operation Hours (Closed on Sundays & Close at Tuesday Dinner time)
Lunch Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 15:30
Dinner Monday, Wednesday - Saturday 18:00 - 22:00 

Location : 10, Jalan Irrawaddi Penang 
Contact  : 604 226 1718

Monday, 20 August 2012

Penang Queensbay Mall - KFC Restaurant

Today Dear and me having our Random meal at KFC Restaurant Queensbay Mall. Well We found that the KFC outlets had implemented a new Monitor in front of payment counter ^^. Well you can enjoy the promotion advertisement while waiting the order you place. As i know the basic rule of KFC waitress had was 3 minute from taking order to return money Change.     

KFC Restaurant Queensbay Mall

KFC Restaurant Queensbay Mall

KFC Restaurant Queensbay Mall

Operation Hours : 10:00 - 22:00 (Open Daily)
Location : Ground Floor Queensbay Mall

Penang Sungai Nibong - Friend Hari Raya Open House

This year Hari Raya was kinda special for dear and me as both of us was invited toward to one of our's Malays House. We was served with all kind of Malays Cuisine ^^ One Word Nice...... This is the special of Malaysia....... We can celebrate together with different races around the country ^^ The Best thing for the Hari Raya Open House was the Chit Chat section ^^ Anyway thank to this Malays Friend ^^ spending a great time at her house ^^
Around Friend Hari Raya Open House 

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

This was The Food ^^ 

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

Around Friend Hari Raya Open House

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Penang D'piazza Mall - House of Kolomee Restaurants "砂唠越哥罗面专卖店"

Kolomee is Sarawak famous Mee. In future we  no need go Sarawak to have a try this Mee. Cause you can have this mee just in Penang Island. The House of Kolomee Restaurants  was located at D'piazza Bayan Lepas Penang. They have install a very new system in their restaurants.

House of Kolomee Restaurants "砂唠越哥罗面专卖店"

This is the procedures in order food. 

Tounch Screen display let their customer to order their food here.

Indication was located at every table

Customer required to collect your food at this small window once you number begin display.

RM 1.00 Free Flow Drinks and  Complementary Soup

Our original Kolomee ^^ RM 4.00

In total RM 9.00 that is cheap. 

Overall House of Kolomee Restaurants "砂唠越哥罗面专卖店" was a bit dry but nice to eat. 

Operation Hours : (Closed on Sunday)
Lunch 11:00 - 15:00
Dinner 17:30 - 21:00

Location : 70-1-66, D'Piazza Mall, Bayan Lepas
Contact  :  6016 880 6717

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Penang Tanjung Bunga - Pasar Malan Pork Burger Stall

Tanjung Bunga pasar Malam wass happened on every Tuesday at Tanjung Bunga Pasar. Dear and i discover this Pork Burger Stall. Penang recently is heated up by the trend of Burger. This stall is one of the famous burger stall in Penang Island.
This is the Pork Burger Stall. 

They only focus on Pork meat. 

They given a a number tag and we could collect after we finish walk in Pasar malam.

All this is Pork Meat. ^^

Homemade Pork Burger Cost RM 4.00 Add Cheese extra RM 1.00 being Charge.

Overall Dear and i have try this burger.... we feel that this burger is kinda special and good to try. They will go to different Pasar Malam in Penang Island. So you might catch they at any big Pasar Malam in Penang.

Operation Hour : 19:00 - 23:00 (Any huge pasar malam in Penang Island)

Penang Batu Ferrigghi - Rock to Ran Register 2012

This was the first time dear and me was participant in the Rock to run Event. Well Per Head Cost RM 50.... This was a cool event ^^ there was 2 categories Fun Run and 10KM run.... which start the journey from Hard Rock Hotel toward Butterfly farm Penang. Today dear and me was here for Item collecting ^^  

Rock to Ran Register 2012 

Rock to Ran Register 2012 

Dear ^^

Rock to Ran Register 2012 

Rock to Ran Register 2012 

Operation Hours : 09:00 - 17:00
Location             : Hard Rock Shop

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Penang Green Lane - McDonald's

Mcdonald Green lane was a memorable place for dear and me. ^^  College time we was here study from morning to night just because we was achieve good grading in our academic ^^ Well We make it and graduate will flying color ^^ and now we some alots of youngster just like us previous making this place as their study environment........ this situation look like our shadow few year back ^^

McFilet-O-Fish was our favorite burger all the while ^^ 
Cost RM 9.55 per set. ala carte burger cost RM 6.20 

See my dear faces she was so enjoy her Filet-O-Fish

Good memory same burger, same environment but different felling after we back here. ^^

Operation Hours : 24 hour 7 days

Monday, 13 August 2012

Penang Teluk Kumbar - Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜"

Gertak Sanggul or Teluk Kumbar is located at South part of Penang Island. Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜" is one of the famous seafood restaurant in this are beside Khun thai Seafood and Hou You Seafood. Dear and i was the fan for Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜". This seafood restaurant do have the direct connect to the beach side.The best part of this Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜" was their seafood.

Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜"

This Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜" was so crowded tonight.

hehe lolx... my dear with her lovely smile again ^^

This is salad mantis prawn Cost RM 15.00

Claypot Tau Fu Cost RM 10.00

As usual Egg Yorrk Crap Cost RM 32.00 
(1KG - RM 45.00 )

Overall this Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜" was very nice on seafood especially their crab was so fresh.

Operation Hours : 17:30 -23:00 (Open Daily)
Location             : 29, Mukim 9 , Pasir Belanda Teluk Kumbar (GPS: N05 17.005 E100 13.055)
Contact              : 013 488 1114 / 019 479 1114

Friday, 10 August 2012

Penang Times Square - Full House Restaurant

Penang Times Square was a newly build shopping Mall in Penang Island. This Mall was full different type of franchise restaurants. Full House Restaurant is one of the Franchise brand over here. Full House Restaurant was famous with the restaurants ambient. 

Penang Times Square - Full House Restaurant

This Full House Restaurant Food Menu.

Ice Lemon Tea Cost RM 4.90

Muchroom Soup cost RM 5.90

Spaghetti Carbonara Cost RM 11.90

Hehe my dear ^^ Cute le 

Interior of the restaurants. 

Interior of the restaurants.

Interior of the restaurants.

Interior of the restaurants.

This is the other Full House restaurants in Malaysia.

Operation Hours : 11:00 - 23:00 (Open Daily)
Location             : Penang Times Square G Floor.
Contact              : 604 226 0340 (