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Monday, 20 April 2009

Penang Raja Uda - Long Xiang Seafood Restaurant (龍鄉海鮮)

Long Xiang Seafood Restaurant (龍鄉海鮮) is one of our favourites ^^Apparently, we are their regular customer...As we feel that their food quality was really nice to try ^^ dear and i really can't resist their food and their price is kinda fair and affortable. 

Sizzling Tau Fu Cost RM 10.00

Tom yam Soup Cost Rm 10.00

Our Favor ^^ Egg York Crab Cost RM 28.00 (Per KG RM 35.00)

Dear and me ^^

Overall if you are Seafood lover.... this Long Xiang Seafood Restaurant (龍鄉海鮮) is MUST TRY seafood restaurants. 

Operation Hours : 18:00 - 00:00 (Open daily)
Location             : 6882, Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth Penang.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Penang Teluk Kumbar - Hai Boey Seafood Restaurants "海尾海鲜"

Hai Boey Seafood Restaurants "海尾海鲜" is one of the best seafood restaurants that had been tried by us in Penang Island. Gertak Sanggul or Teluk Kumbar is located at South part of Penang Island. Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜" is one of the famous seafood restaurant in this area. Aside from that, there still have other seafood restaurant like Khun thai Seafood and Hou You Seafood. We are the fan for Hai Boey Seafood "海尾海鲜". This seafood restaurant do have the direct connect to the beach side. 

 Hai Boey Seafood Restaurants "海尾海鲜"   Food Menu

It still early so the crowd was not yet came ^^

Sour Kappa Cost RM 12.00

This one really nice ^^ 铁板上鲜 Cost RM 18.00 
(It is mixed between Squid and Prawn very juicy and nice ^^)

direct connect to the beach ^^

Operation Hours : 17:30 -23:00 (Open Daily)
Location             : 29, Mukim 9 , Pasir Belanda Teluk Kumbar (GPS: N05 17.005 E100 13.055)
Contact              : +6013 488 1114 / +6019 479 1114

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Penang Georgetown - La Mei Zi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅)

This La Mei Zi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅) outlets located at Nagore Road Penang. This is our  first time here..... we plan to try up their Steamboat since lots people keep on recommended this steamboat. 

La Mei Zi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅)

Interior of La Mei Zi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅)

La Mei Zi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅) Food Menu 

This is what we order.

Well this is the node control the gas flow. 

Our food ^^Cost Around RM 70 +

Well this was funny part... their steamboat was Splash everywhere...and our hand become victim

Well our steamboat.

Overall La Mei Zi Steamboat (辣妹子火锅) was a good steamboat to try up. well Beware on the this outlet. 

Operation Hours : 18:00 - 02:00 (Open Daily)
Location             : 5 Jalan Nagore Georgetown.
Contact              : 604 227 9969