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Friday, 31 May 2013

Penang Georgetown - House of Udang Galah Restaurants

House of Udang Galah Restaurants was located at Hutton Road Penang. This House of Udang Galah Restaurants was and restaurants that mainly focus on Udang galah. House of Udang Galah Restaurants own a fish pool wish it is for Raising the Udang Galah which located at Teluk Kumbar. 

House of Udang Galah Restaurants Signboard. 

House of Udang Galah Restaurants

House of Udang Galah Restaurants

House of Udang Galah Restaurants Food Menu.

Mocha Coffee Cost RM 8.90 (Really smell good ^^)

House of Udang Galah Restaurants building this Tunnel for displaying their Udang Galah Which Located at behind the restaurants.

Udang Galah ^^

Udang Galah ^^

you could choose to park at New World Park Per Entry RM 3.00

Interior of the House of Udang Galah Restaurants.

Peatnut as Appetizer Cost RM 2.50

Pumpkin & Cheese Udang Galah ^^Cost RM 45.00

Red Wine Venison In Sizzling Pan Cost RM 18.00 (MUST ORDER ^^)

Stir Fries Oats Soft Shell Crabs Cost RM 24.00 (MUST ORDER^^)

Total Cost RM 112.20

My Dear with her Udang Galah ^^

Udang Galah with Cheese (Taste really nice ^^)

Nice Interior.

Thank You Bill Folder ^^

Overall House of Udang Galah Restaurants was worthy to try ^^ Good ambient Good food & Their Waitress was very warm welcome ^^ 

Operation Hours (Open Daily)
Lunch 11:00 - 15:00 
Dinner 18:00 - 23:00

Location : 203 A&B, Hutton Road, Georgetown. (5.421989, 100.32699)
Contact  : 604 226 4830 (

Penang Batu Maung - Kampung Batu Maung Economic Rice coffee shop

Batu Maung was the end and the last city in Penang Island. This small town full of surprise especially thefood ^^. There is an famous Economic Rice in Kampung Batu Maung. It is So famous among the manufacturing area. A huge crowded will be seen in every day lunch time.      

This is the crowd of this coffee shop. 
(Best time came over here was 12 noon cause you can catch alots parking lot at this hours)

They famous with the variety of food ^^

Eventually you could enjoy from vege. to seafood at this economics stall.

This Economic Rice Cost RM 4.20 damn cheap i would said ^^
(Soup is provides with free)

Operation Hours : 11:00 - 14:00 (Closed on Saturday & Sunday as well public holiday)
Location             : Kampung Batu Maung.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Penang Bukit Gambir - The Palazzia Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants (Turkish Cuisine)

Finding Turkish Cuisine in Penang Island was no easy task ^^ dear and i meeting is Turkish Cuisine was an accident. Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants was located at The Palazzia. Dear and i have a walk around this plaza..... it is like dead city. 

 Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants was located outside the The Palazzia (you can see this shop when pass by Bukit Gambir road). I would said this restaurant was a small restaurants and the owner was Turkishness.  
You can visual this shop when you pass by Bukit Gambir road. 

The Palazzia Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants Food Menu.

The Palazzia Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants Food Menu.

They do offer  Andy Cup Cakes here ^^

Interior of The Palazzia Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants.

Interior of The Palazzia Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants

This Lamb Soup was so nice but very oily it is for Lamb Biryani.

Lamb Biryani was not offer in the show menu. but i guess they will charge RM 13.50 
(The lamb taste really good) 

Shawarma Kebab Cost RM 13.50
(Kinda nice ^^ but abit dry )

This is their middle east salad. 
(This taste sour and i feel like i am rabbits when i eating this)

This is our meal ^^ total cost RM 25 using groupon ticket

My dear teaching how to eat Shawarma Kebab ^^ 

My dear enjoting her Shawarma Kebab ^^

Ice Lemon Tea Cost RM 3.00 

This Drink really special Middle east Tea Cost RM 3.00 
(Taste like Tea Halia)

The dessert Mint favor Ice Cream.

Overall this The Palazzia Khayrat AL-Sham Restaurants is worthy trying.... if you like new food this restaurants will be good to try up  

Operation Hours (closed on Monday)
Tuesday - Sundays 18:00 -22:00 
Location : Lot 97, The palazzia, Jalan Bukit Gambir 11700 Gelurgor Penang.
Contact  : 017 472 5765 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Penang Pulau Tikus - Andy Warlord's Grilled Burger

Andy Warlord's Grilled Burger was a newly open Burger stall in Penang Island. As the burger trend heat up in Penang Island this stall was kinda crowded when dear and i visited this stall. Andy Warlord's Grilled Burger was hiding in one of infamous coffee shop in Pulau Tikus. 

This is the banner catch our attention.

Andy Warlord Grilled Burger Stall.

Food Menu of Andy Warlord Grilled Burger.

Their Kitchen ^^

Crowd inside the Coffee Shop.... seen like all order Andy Warlord Grilled Burger. ^^

Grilled Pork Patty + KUDO Beast Cost RM 9.50 (Cheddar Cheese + Bacon + Fried Egg)

Deep- Fried Crispy Chicken + SHAMAN Cost RM 8.50 (Cheddar Cheese + Bacon)

And Cook Herbal Tea Cost RM 1.20

This is their brand quote ^^ "You'll Hungry again soon"  

This is their brand quote ^^ "X Marks The Treasure SPOT" 

Andy Warlord's Grilled Burger Stall in Hiding inside his Coffee Shop ^^

Overall this stall Burger have very mild taste on the burger. If you love mild taste this stall burger might be your top choice.

Operation Hours : 18:30 -00:00 (Open Daily)
Location             : 226A, Jalan Burma (Opposite Perkeso Pulau Tikus)
Contact              : 017 514 3253 (