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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Penang Georgetown - Tong Hooi Coffee Shop

Tong Hooi Coffee Shop was located next to honolulu. Dear and i discover this places few year back. This stall is very nice with their Tai Loke Mee. Well Actually this stall is recommended by my dear ^^. Well we had very high expectation toward this stay ^^

This is the Stay ^^

An old couple managing this stay ^^

Tong Hooi Coffee Shop 

It is an typical chinese Hawker Stay.

Thick Soup Tai Loke Mee Cost RM 5.00

Dry Tai Loke Mee Cost RM 5.00

Overall we found that after few year this stall food quality have been drop. Well Their dry tai loke mee is still ok ^^ But not the thick soup Tai oke mee.

Operation Hours : 15:00- 23:00 (Closed on Wednesday)
Location             : Next to Honolulu Cafe.

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