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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Penang Bay Avenue - Marshall's Burger Cafe

This was another new outlet of Marshall's Burger Cafe. This Cafe was located at Bay Avenue near to Queensbay mall ^^. I would said Marshall's Burger was the first and originated in Penang Island. Dear and i was compare they with other burger stall in Penang. 

Marshall's Burger Bay Avenue ^^

This is their food menu ^^

This is their food menu ^^

Well you required to make the order and payment at the front counter.

Once you number begin call Your's food order will come out from  kitchen through the small window ^^ 

Well A&W Root Beer Cost RM 2.50

C4 Bacon Special Chicken Thigh + Cheese Cost RM 12.00

P2 The Fat Piglet + Cheese RM 13.00

My dear so happy with her burger ^^ 

Overall we found that this Marshall's Burger was one of the top Burger quality in Penang ^^. Well dear and i love their burger very much ^^.

Operation Hours (Closed on Monday)
Tuesday - Thursday 12:00 -23:00
Friday - Sunday 12:00 -00:00

Location : Bay Avenue
Contact  : 604 611 6714 (

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