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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Johor Johor Bahru - Aeon Tebrau City Post office

Dear and me come all the way from Singapore to post our stuff at Tebrau City Post office. But when we reach here we saw the door was lock whereas at online we found out this Post office will be function on every weekend. But after we cool down we only realize that today is actually the public holiday in Malaysia..... it is the "Agong Birthday". 

I guess dear and me had long forgot we will had this privilege as we currently focus at Singapore and some other country calendar that under our care. Further understand at the operation hours display at the glass door. Dear and me was shock as the information here and the what we see a the official website had so much of different. Although today is not the public holiday dear and me will end up at the same condition as this post office is not operating their business on first Saturday every month. Lesson learn do not believe with bullet proof for the information being publish at any official website... take one more step to double confirm the information by simply give a call.

When dear and me saw this lock.... we only realize today is Malaysia Public Holiday

Although is not public day we will face the same issue where the first week of Saturday every month the post office will not in operation (The Ramadan Month they will close one hour early to offset the employee lunch hour)

Operation Hours : Saturday to Thursday 10:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Friday, Every first Saturday of the Month & Public Holiday)
Lcoation : Level 3, Aeon Tebrau City
Contact :

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